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Approximately 36 million Americans are currently missing all of their teeth according to data provided by the American College of Prosthodontists, a condition that is known as edentulism in the medical world. Additionally, this number is anticipated to grow over the next 20 years, making the need for dentures more critical for a larger group of people in the near future.

Not only can losing some or all of your teeth affect your ability to chew your food, but it can impact you psychologically as well. For instance, research has found that missing teeth is associated with lower self-esteem, a reduced desire to engage in social activities, and an increased your risk of depression. Fortunately, getting dentures can help.

Two Types of Dentures

There are two basic types of dentures. The first is referred to as full or complete dentures and are used when all of the teeth are missing or have otherwise been removed. The second type of dentures are called partials as, just as their name suggests, they are utilized when only some of the natural teeth are missing and others are still in place.

Full or complete dentures can either be placed immediately or after the mouth has had adequate time to heal after the teeth being removed. In the case of the latter, this occurs roughly two to three months post-removal of the teeth and is known as “conventional” dentures.

Tips for Successful Denture Wear

Getting fitted for dentures is only the first step in the process. There are also things you can do at home to make wearing your new dentures a more successful (and comfortable) experience.

For instance, when first eating with your new dentures, stick to foods that are soft and cut larger chunks into smaller pieces. This enables you to learn how it feels to eat with your new dentures in place.

And if you feel self-conscious about how you will talk with your new teeth, when you’re alone, practice reading out loud. This gives you the opportunity to learn how the dentures feel when speaking, increasing your self-confidence when conversing with others.

Helping Draper, Utah Patients Have an Enjoyable Denture Experience

At Oak Hollow Dentistry, our goal is to help you have a pleasurable denture-wearing experience. In part, this involves answering any questions you may have about how to properly care for your new dentures.

Between teaching you how to effectively clean your dentures, and offering advice about when you should not wear them (such as when you sleep), you can be assured that our office will walk with you through the entire process.

With that in mind, if you have questions about your dentures or wonder if dentures are right for you, contact us today. Our expert and professional staff is here to help you every step of the way.

Still Not Sure If You Want a Dentures?

Here at Oak Hollow Dentistry in Draper, Utah, our professional and expert staff can help you decide, providing you the information you need based on your own individual situation and desired outcome.
Contact us today and, together, we can pick the option that is best for you!

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