Implants at Oak Hollow Family Dentistry

Providing the residents of Draper, Utah, with high-quality dental care is our main goal at Oak Hollow Family Dentistry. We offer services in every area and specialty in dentistry to cater to whatever needs you may have. For restoring your smile after damage, we provide a wide variety of procedures that can beautifully restore your teeth in no time. One of our more extensive tooth replacement procedures are called dental implants. 

Parts of an Implant

Three pieces need to be made and placed to completely give you a new artificial tooth: the implant, the abutment, and the tooth crown. 


Implant: The first piece placed is the dental implant. The implant is a metal rod or screw that is surgically placed into your jaw bone where a natural tooth used to sit. Once healed, the implant will act as the new root of your tooth providing a strong and stable foundation. The implant will stimulate the bone and surrounding tissues while you chew, preventing any deterioration. 

Abutment: The middle piece, the abutment, is the connecting piece between the implant and the tooth crown. Without the abutment, the dental crown wouldn’t stay firmly placed onto the implant. 

Tooth Crown: Crowns are made to be placed on top of an implant to give you a new outer tooth. Each crown is specifically designed to fit onto the implant and in your mouth perfectly. When comparing it to your natural, surrounding teeth, it will perfectly match the size and shade. The crown can only be placed once your surgical site has completely healed. 

Why an Implant?

  • Missing a tooth can cause a patient to feel self-conscious about their smile and even lose confidence when it comes to their overall appearance. Replacing that gap in your smile with a new, personalized, artificial tooth can restore your smile and your confidence in no time. 
  • You may not know it, but losing a tooth and neglecting to replace it can have negative effects on your oral health. When missing a tooth, surrounding teeth are likely to start to move to fill in the space. This can create misalignment and even crookedness in other natural teeth. 
  • Because each piece of the dental implant is artificial, it can’t decay and will not need further restoration in the future. We still urge our patients with dental implants to brush and floss their teeth well to prevent issues. 

For anyone who is missing a tooth or is looking for a restoration option for when a tooth needs to be extracted, we would highly recommend taking advantage of dental implants. For any questions you have, we would encourage you to reach out to our office, Oak Hollow Family Dentistry here in Draper, Utah. Each member of our team wants to help you have the smile you desire, so please let us help you!